My opinion on EVE AND CO Menstrual Panties

For a few years now, I have been using exclusively menstrual panties. Once you’ve tried this method of sanitary protection, it becomes complicated to do without! And yet, I live each month very badly my periods and the PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) which goes with. But since I use menstrual panties, I have at least opted for a better comfort. I recently discovered EVE AND CO, a French brand.

Discovering the brand EVE AND CO

Created in 2019, the brand EVE AND CO offers comfortable underwear. The brand offers 3 models:

  • Hora panties
  • The Eden shorty
  • The Maïa panties

Its founder, Marie Justine, wished to propose pretty and pleasant to wear underwear. The menstrual panties are composed of several very absorbent inserts. They are made of cotton in a workshop certified Oeko Tex 100. The organic cotton used is indeed certified GOTS. You will have understood: choosing EVE AND CO menstrual underwear is choosing a more ecological hygienic protection.

Why choose menstrual panties?

I started looking for alternatives to traditional sanitary napkins after hearing about repeated scandals concerning the presence of toxic products in tampons as well as in sanitary napkins.

I didn’t want to use the cup – not comfortable with that little object – and I started hearing about menstrual panties. These are panties that you simply put on and that can be worn between 8 and 12 hours at a time, depending on your flow.

If the menstrual panties can represent a certain investment, one finds there rather quickly on the budget. Indeed, the menstrual periods cost on average 3 800 euros on one life for 10 000 used protections (in particular if one opts for tampons or towels). The menstrual panties, if they are well washed and dried, can have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years.

How to maintain its menstrual panties?

The maintenance and the washing of the menstrual panties is very simple. One rinses it initially with cold water after each use. One washes then the menstrual panties with the machine with 30°, ideally in delicate program. I put my menstrual panties in a net of washing, and I can wash them thus with the rest of my linen.

On the other hand, dryer prohibited! We let dry the panties in the open air, to avoid damaging the absorbent fabrics in particular. The same for the softener, which we forget in these cases.

Is it suitable for all flows?

It is often the question which one asks oneself before crossing the step of the menstrual panties. For my part, I have the chance to have an average flow and my periods last on average 2/3 days. I can thus wear easily a menstrual panties during 8 to 12 hours, even the night, without risk of leakage.

If you have a heavier flow, you should opt for heavy flow panties. At EVE AND CO, the Hora & Eden models are the most suitable.

The inserts are very absorbent. If to the touch, it seems that it is rather thick, you do not feel it at all once worn. A vra

I have to say, I quickly forget that I wear period panties every time, because they are so comfortable!

Small memo to know which menstrual panties to choose:

  • Medium flow panties = equivalent to 3 tampons
  • Heavy flow panties = equivalent to 4 tampons
  • Light flow panties = recommended for the last two days of your period, or if you have a very light flow.

My opinion on EVE AND CO menstrual panties

In order to tell you more about them, I wanted to test two models of EVE AND CO menstrual panties. I chose the Hora panties and the Eden shorty, because their shape corresponds to what I am used to wear as underwear in everyday life.

The Hora panties

When I received the Hora panties, I was afraid they would be too low cut. But once I wore them, not at all! Since I took my usual size, the panties fit perfectly. The sanitary protection zone shows very high in the front and back. If, at first glance, it seems very thick, you do not feel it at all once worn.

The panty rises a little higher at the level of the belly, which I appreciate particularly. Indeed, I have a belly and I often have what I call the muffin effect. It’s not comfortable at all, because my belly falls over my underwear. This is what I felt with the shorty, which is rather low cut.

Hora panties for heavy flow – 38€ (available from XS to 3XL)

The Eden shorty

The shorty is one of the underwear I prefer to wear every day. So it’s quite natural that I wanted to test the EVE AND CO menstrual shorty. If it is super comfortable and its protection zone is also very important, I had more difficulty with its low waist which is not compatible with my soft and falling belly! On the other hand, I admit that I like the well covering side at the level of the buttocks.

Eden shorty for heavy flow – 38€ (available from XS to 3XL)

If I have a crush on the Hora panty, I must underline that both models are very comfortable and pleasant to wear. The absence of elastic and seams too marked avoid feeling tight in his underwear. What is rather appreciable when we have pains in the lower belly and the impression to be ultra-ballooned during the periods!

Do you want to give in?

After reading this article, you want to try the menstrual panties? Or do you want to try a new brand like EVE AND CO?

I have a good news for you: with the code SOGIRLY30, you have -30% on your order! Plus, home delivery is offered for any order. Nice, isn’t it?

Have you already tested the menstrual panties? What do you think of them?

Article written in collaboration with EVE AND CO


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