My little storage ideas for the bathroom

It’s not easy with the limited space available in this room, you have to be very clever to find great storage ideas in the bathroom.

In my house it’s the room where I spend the most time to find great ideas (it’s my little storage idea lab) and I’m going to show you absolutely EVERYTHING I store in there (even the ugly drawers :D).

In this article I’m going to give you all my storage ideas, tips and tricks for a small bathroom, with Ikea and Muji bathroom storage tips. And even some ideas if you have an ugly cat litter box to store!

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’ve created a little tidying challenge to learn how to have a tidy house without effort or headaches – in a 1 hour workshop at home, with sheets to download and print and a community of help.

How I organized my small bathroom

How do you do it when you have no storage space?

I don’t have much storage space in my bathroom: only a sink cabinet with 2 drawers (we always want to store products in a drawer because it’s not really decorative) so my little storage trick is to use shelves with only pretty products. They are organized in 2 categories.

The everyday shelf

First I put this long Ikea shelf above my sink: on it I put the products I use in the evening and in the morning. On the left are my products, on the left are my guy’s products.

They are super accessible and so I don’t have the laziness to make a complete skincare routine at least in the eveningYes

but a shelf with ugly products… Right?

As it is visible, we agreed on a color code for the products: white, black, gold and eventually the products with retro labels. For everything else we repackaged them in Muji bottles, or glass bottles.

Nothing to do with the shelf, but more with the daily life, I put this little clock* to know a little bit where I am when I prepare myself

The shelf of the “weekly” products

Then I have this big shelf with compartments that I hung on the wall (I bought it several years ago at Maison du monde). Underneath I put this little shelf to put on the work surface from ikea.

I put the products that I use a little less often (and that are pretty), once a week when I take my bath for example (masks, candles, essential oils).

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And the ugly products that can’t be repackaged?

All the ugly products we put in the drawer under the sink so it’s not a headache.

The storage of my shower productsThis

is where I’ll probably sound like a crazy person haha.

At first it started for purely aesthetic reasons: I started to remove the labels or scratch the engravings on the white or transparent bottles. And I quickly felt like getting rid of the containers of all

the colors by repackaging them.

And that’s how…

Today, I don’t put any of my original shower bottles in my shower for 3 reasons:

  • It’s nicer: I don’t like the labels of mass market products, repackaging them in muji bottles is restful for the eyes. I only keep the Aesop and Kiehl’s products that are in my “bathroom chart” (I’m not crazy you know…)
  • It takes up less space: I only have a few bottles on my shelf, nothing sticks out.
  • It allows me to have a “reserve”: when I have emptied the last drops of my shampoo in my Muji bottle, I know it’s time to buy some more (so I never run out of shampoo).

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And it has another use: when I go somewhere for a week, I just have to grab my products in their little bottles, no need to carry a big bottle of shampoo when I travel, it’s already ready


I put everything in this kit offered to me by Muji* (yes, some of the products in this article were offered to me, but not all of them, I promise you, the products offered to me have an asterisk ;)) :

Well, and for my little weekends I already have this little kit ready (nothing to see but I wanted to show it to you)


Making space in the bathroomI

also exploited every corner of my bathroom (especially at a time when I needed to store my towels in one of the drawers of my vanity and I had to remove a lot of products that took up space)


I installed this little Muji cabinet next to my tub. I love this thing, I have 3 of them at home, it’s only 18cm wide, it fits absolutely everywhere and it’s hyyyyper practical with its drawers that you can stack up to the height you want (and its wheels if you need to pull it towards you). I put one next to my toilet too.

I also put lots of little Muji storage units on my bathroom counter for everyday products (and also to hide ugly stuff).

I solved my ugly toothbrush problem with this toothbrush I bought from Muji (they are so pretty, and really nice with their tiny bristles).

I also used several Ikea pot holders to store all my hair products: I wanted my hairbrushes to be easily accessible without having to open and close drawers. Same thing for my hair dryer, I was tired of the wire getting tangled in the bathroom drawer (so I rolled up and taped some of the wire).

How I store my makeupI


‘t really have any storage tips for makeup other than not storing it in the


I like to put my makeup very close to the mirror (and the sink gets in the way), and I want the best light (either in front of a window). So I moved my makeup that was originally in my cabinet drawer under the sink, and put it in my living room next to the window.

And it’s a thousand times more convenient

The little

t storage plusAnyone

who has a cat knows that finding a good place for the litter box without it ruining the whole decor is a pain. In the bathroom or toilet is ideal because it’s close to a water source if you need to clean things, and close to a place to dump the cat’s little love poop.

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I bought mine on Amazon after a loooong market study (:D): it had to fit under my bathtub (so not too high) and I didn’t have to open it from above (so it had to have a drawer). Bonus I wanted it to be black, so it would blend in with the black tile and not be too noticeable.

This one is MADE!

My little sitting areaI

talked about this a little bit when I completely revamped my bathroom, but here’s the final little decoration of the “view” I have of my bathroom when I take my bath.

I added a little shelf with a fake plant, put a pretty candle. And most importantly, I installed an essential oil diffuser (which I store in the fake plants).

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And how is your home?

The bathroom is a very small room in which you always have to be quite clever, and I found a lot of ideas by going to other people’s houses or by studying Ikea installations. I’m always interested in other people’s ideas

. Do

you want a tidy house without any effort or headaches?

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go for the adventure?

* Items marked with one or more asterisks are special – read more

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