Spring Decorating Trends by La Redoute Interiors

As you know, I have a real passion for decoration. Even if I’m quite frustrated by my apartment, which is not arranged to my taste… Fortunately, I’m a web editor specialized in decoration: I can talk about it all day long! So, today, I wanted to present you the spring decorating trends according to La Redoute Intérieurs. Simply because I fell in love with these trends that make you want to redo everything in your home!

Trend #1: Vallauris or decorating inspired by the South of France

If you like bright colors, you will be served this year! Indeed, colors such as yellow, blue or orange are very popular. We use them in small touches to bring pep to his interior, especially in the living room.

If you are not afraid of colors, you can opt for a much more colorful look, especially in terms of furniture and decor!

Very wide stripes, in colorful shades, are very trendy on linens and cushions. In small touches, they come to wake up a too classic decoration.

These bright colors go wonderfully with boho furniture (rattan or bamboo) or with Scandinavian furniture, in light wood and/or white. Cane is still in vogue!

The bedroom is no exception to this colorful trend. In this room of the house, conducive to relaxation, we opt for colors that recall nature like yellow, blue or green. We avoid colors too passionate as red.

My Vallauris shopping selection at La Redoute Intérieurs

  1. Cushion cover 45x45cm lemon print 24,99
  2. Rectangular cotton cushion cover 17,99
  3. Framed printed poster 40×50 cm €62.99
  4. Ethnic conservation pot 17,99€ (french)
  5. Oak and weaving coffee table 489€ (French)
  6. Bench with 3 niches 299€ (french)
  7. Tufted cotton bedspread 99,99€ (French)

Trend #2: Summer Time or a little trip to Provence

Let’s stay in the South of France! Already a trend this winter, Provencal farmhouse inspired decor is still in fashion this season. Simple but solid materials (wood, canvas and natural fibers…), clean lines and colors inspired by nature… You feel like you are living on vacation all the time!

To adopt this trend, we think family home. We focus on products and decorative objects cocooning, which make you want to stay at home. The colors are relatively neutral and inspired by nature. A decoration which, in the end, knows how to remain relatively timeless.

It is a style of decoration which is rather adapted to the installation and the decoration of a house. But if you are in an apartment, in the middle of the city, you can be largely inspired by it! However, make sure you have enough room to move around freely in your home and really get that inspiration of space, like a real breath of fresh air!

My Summer Time shopping selection at La Redoute Intérieurs

  1. 4 seater sofa in linen 1599
  2. Velvet bed and cane headboard with box spring from 699€.
  3. Dame Jeanne in glass 22,99
  4. Cushion cover 40x40cm tile print 24,99€ (french)
  5. Ceramic and hemp table lamp 149,99
  6. Carafe and glasses set 32,99

Trend #3: Organic shapes or contemporary decor

If you like your interiors a little more modern, this is the trend for you. The furniture and decorative objects are rounded, the shapes are more design or inspired by nature. In this type of interior, we do not hesitate to mix materials, inspirations and shapes.

Thus, wood does not hesitate to associate with other trendy materials such as jute or curly wool. This way, we create a design interior that is warm and inviting.

Decorative objects, especially wall decorations, are the easiest way to adopt this trend. Because they are objects of character, with original shapes, we can quickly get tired of them. If it is more complicated to change the sofa or the table, it is easier to change the mirror or the knickknacks!

My Organic Shapes shopping selection at La Redoute Intérieurs

  1. Jimi curly armchair 379€ (French)
  2. Decorative wood vase 34,99€ (French)
  3. Acacia wood coffee table 239
  4. Set of 4 bowls / mini bowls 18,99
  5. Framed poster with graphic motifs 104,99
  6. Decorative terracotta ceramic vase 58,99
  7. Rectangular cushion cover 19,99

Which trend presented in this article do you like the most? 🙂


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