What I watched in February on Netflix

Like every month, it’s time to give you a little debrief on the programs I’ve been watching on Netflix recently. Look, this month I find that I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Netflix, so there’s plenty to choose from! As usual, there’s something for everyone… Maybe this article will help you find what you’re looking for on your next Netflix&chill night!

The series I watched in February on Netflix

I’m currently finishing Superstore, which I started last October. I admit that I’m dragging the pleasure a bit, because I’m not looking forward to finish the series so much it’s a crush! But I still took the time to watch other series.

The woman who lived in front of the girl in the window

So honestly, I was looking forward to this series. And at the moment, I still don’t know if I loved it or not ^^

The pitch : Wine, pills, casseroles and imagination are the daily life of Anna who is obsessed by her hot neighbor, until the day she witnesses a murder. Or not?

A true parody of thrillers – without being 100% explicit either – this mini-series features an alcoholic Kristen Bell with serious problems! In 8 episodes, we follow Anna (Kristen Bell) who tries to solve a murder which would have taken place in front of her eyes, in the house in front of her house. The series is a parody of the movie “The Woman in the Window” with Amy Adams, also available on Netflix. So I’ll have to watch it soon to see the parallels between the two! In any case, the series can be watched without getting bored, even if I admit that the plot could have been kept for only 5 or 6 episodes.

A l’ombre des Magnolias (season 2)

I really liked the first season of the series, and the second season is no exception to the rule!

The pitch: Lifelong friends Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue support each other as they try to reconcile marriage, family and career in a small town in the South. New relationships, old wounds, local politics… In this season 2, the Magnolias seek their balance and juggle life’s pleasures and annoyances.

Well, clearly, I love this show but… It’s very corny and very religious. If you were to watch 7 at home, we’re kind of in the same genre. A town where everyone is nice, where Sunday mass is mandatory and where there are few waves… But it’s the kind of feel good show that makes you feel good. We settle in front of it with a good tea and a plaid, and we let ourselves be carried by the sweetness of life!

The movie watched on Netflix in February

If for a while I was watching a lot of movies on Netflix, I admit that these last months, it is not the case anymore. And the one I’m going to talk about today isn’t really a recommendation 😉

Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaw Massacre is a classic of the genre. But its 2022 version is also a massacre!

The pitch: In this sequel, influencers trying to revive a ghost town in Texas cross the path of Leatherface, the abominable killer with a human skin mask…

Well, let’s talk about it : run away. Don’t loseDon’t spend 1h20 of your life in front of this movie. As much as I love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this version is insipid. The plot with the influencers is uninteresting, and clearly I was bored. Everything was so predictable… And then, I’m going to be a bit of an old recluse, but I’m sick and tired of seeing that nowadays, most of the series or movies are remakes or reboots of programs that have existed for years.

The documentaries watched in February on Netflix

You know it if you read this column regularly, but I love Netflix documentaries. And this month, it’s two rooms, two moods!

Getting curious with Jonathan Van Ness

When I heard that Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye was releasing a documentary series, I knew right away that I was going to binge-watch it!

The pitch: From sweets to wigs, Jonathan Van Ness relies on his curiosity and tackles a host of topics with experts and distinguished guests in the adaptation of his podcast.

This is a fun documentary series, in which we learn a lot! I liked the variety of topics covered: insects, sweets, figure skating or even gender. My only regret? There are only 6 episodes available on Netflix for the moment! But I will try to listen to his podcast!

The puppet master : lessons in manipulation

Here’s a documentary series that will make you want to be suspicious of everyone!

The pitch: In this harrowing documentary series, a cruel con man disguised as a British spy manipulates and steals from his victims, leaving ruined families in his wake.

This documentary series has only 3 episodes, so you can easily watch it in one evening. Especially since the story is gripping, and the testimonies of the families & victims are moving. We follow the story of Robert Hendy-Freegard, a bartender in a small town northeast of Birmingham, posing as an agent of MI5, the UK’s domestic intelligence service. Over the years, he will defraud more and more people and ruin families…

Reality TV watched in February on Netflix

As you know: Netflix reality shows are a little bit of a pet peeve of mine! I love it, to clear my brain…

Love is Blind US (season 2)

After hearing about it on Twitter, I got into it one Saturday night. And I got hooked very quickly!

The pitch: In this social experiment presented by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, single men and women looking for love get engaged before meeting in person.

Locked in pods where they can chat without seeing each other, candidates search for their future husband or wife. Once engaged, they discover life together. Before having to make their final decision at their wedding, which takes place 4 weeks later! Well, clearly, it is hyper addictive. The experience seems so unreal and you get attached to the candidates very quickly. I have started to watch the other versions and I will tell you about them next month 😉


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