When it comes to cosmetics, I’m still far from being an expert. With all the things I’ve put in place over the past few years, I was apprehensive about embarking on this new adventure, as there are so many things to learn and remember. To date, I am far from 100% green and ethical in my bathroom. I still have products on my shelves that are not and that I need to finish before I throw away their containers forever. All this has somewhat delayed my approach and it is with a little apprehension that I have been orienting myself towards vegan, organic, natural, made in France products and whose container is refillable and eventually recyclable while avoiding plastic ones as much as possible. That’s a lot of criteria to take into account and sometimes it’s difficult to check all 5 boxes at once.

I have to admit that beauty product labels are not always easy to decipher and it’s not something I’m passionate about, I even hate it! You have to know how to identify the active ingredients present, the names of toxic, carcinogenic and non-ecological substances, in short the list is as long as the arm. Between kerosenes, mineral oils, SLS, phthalates, aluminum salts, formaldehyde etc… The great difficulty in all this is finally to learn to have the right reflexes when we buy a product because it is not because it is vegan or organic that it is natural and without danger for us. I often tell this to my husband because as soon as he sees a vegan or organic product, he will automatically go towards it, but sometimes it is not enough. I hope to be able to talk to you about this a little later, when I am credible enough, which is not yet the case.

But you know what, I am moving forward and the first thing I did was to ban all cosmetic products that were tested on animals. This first step seemed to be the easiest to start with, however I made some mistakes with products that were not tested in France, but tested abroad etc… It is thanks to my sharing and the many exchanges that we had together that I learned and that I am starting to move towards the right products. I am doing my little bit of work by being more proud of what I consume and I have this great desire for discovery. Because what is more pleasant than learning and discovering while being faithful to these convictions. It’s a new perspective that I’m taking in stride.

– I want to apply better products on my skin by valuing good brands and Made in France as much as possible.
– To consume better, for the planet, my health and the well-being of animals.
– And finally, I am moving towards greener, natural and organic products as much as possible.

And what I propose you today is a big step for me, since I propose you the recipe of a mask for the face with clay and Neem powder. A mask made up that of natural products and which more is to be validated by a toxicologist it is to say you, if I am very proud of it! </

But don’t go away, it’s as simple as making a dressing and I’m sure it will inspire you to try it too. Maybe this will be your first homemade mask or maybe because I know that many of you are ahead of me and in this case, I hope to make you discover something new.

When I first started researching the subject, it was not easy. I was completely lost and then I searched for several days what I could offer you. I read a lot of information and I learned so much if you only knew! Between what we read, what we believe is good for our skin and what it is not, I can tell you that I went from discovery to discovery. I don’t even know if I have retained everything today, some information must have been lost along the way.

As soon as I formulated something, 5 minutes later it was no longer working because the ingredient I had selected was toxic, allergenic etc… In short, this first attempt was not easy, even if on paper it seems easier. So here I am and I hope to be able to propose you in the future new contents like this one, so much it was inspiring for me to write this article and to share it. And finally, I recommend you to use a wooden spoon to mix your mask because iron, metal or plastic utensils in contact with the clay lose all its properties. By the way, I recommend this great 20mn podcast that explains all the benefits of clay and how we can use it on a daily basis. Link >> here <<.

– WHITE CLAY: White clay is known for its softening, purifying, absorbing and repairing properties. It is an essential ingredient when preparing homemade cosmetics, and is easy to obtain and affordable. It is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, as well as for dry and dehydrated skin.
– ALÉO VERA GEL: it is recognized for its multiple properties and is suitable for all skin types. It acts against skin dryness, it is an excellent moisturizer.
– NEEM POWDER: it regulates the excess of sebum, it is thus ideal for the skins with fatty or acneic tendency.
– ROSE HYDROLAT: it brings a soft rose smell so pleasant, that’s why I chose it. It is also refreshing, soothing and helps to tone the skin. It’s a must for all skin types!

– 10 gr of white clay
– 15 gr of rose hydrolat
– 5 gr of Neem powder
– 2 gr of Aloe Vera gel

NB: I bought all the ingredients at my local Biocoop store. As you know, I do all my shopping there, so it was super convenient for me to find everything directly there.

– In a container, pour the white clay, then the Neem powder and mix.
– Then add the Aloe Vera, then the rose hydrosol.
– With a wooden spoon, mix

Mix well until you obtain a homogeneous texture, neither too liquid nor too thick.
– Apply immediately to the face with a brush or with your fingers.
– Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with clear water. To prevent the mask from drying too quickly, you can spray a little water or rose hydrosol.
– Then apply your day or night cream.
– Renew once a week for more efficiency.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to share this recipe that I posted in video format >> here <<. It might be easier for some to view the step by step video.

For the precautions of use, follow this link:

Here I hope that this first beauty recipe will have pleased you and do not hesitate to share your tips if you have any, it can serve us all!

Photos : Céline Marks – All rights reserved

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