The Perfect Beauty Routine with Pure Obagi.

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For quite a long time, I was content to test tons of beauty products without thinking too much about what I was putting on, kind of like a kid in a candy store who would pig out on whatever was within reach. Since then, at the age of thirty-three, I have finally realized that there is absolutely no point in accumulating dozens of pretty bottles with labels promising wonders in your bathroom, but that you simply have to choose them according to what your skin needs. Thus, a good beauty routine should be based on three major axes: protection – hydration – (and only if you want) – prevention. Demonstration with Pure Obagi, American brand founded in 1988, and specialized in innovation, which proposed me this collaboration in order to test their products, of which I had heard a lot of good things (that is to say if I was thus delighted!).

As part of this collaboration, I received the Antioxidant kit, which includes a cleansing gel, a toner, a cleansing mask, a serum, a moisturizer and an SPF treatment. The essentials for a skincare routine, in short. All of them are part of the Obagi-C® Fx System line, which for the first time brings the expertise of Obagi Medical® products -available by prescription only- to the general public, and focuses on the radiance of the epidermis and the prevention of skin aging by using two major active ingredients: Arbutin (7%), extracted from the leaves of various plants such as cranberry, which helps even out skin and fight UV spots, and Vitamin C (10%), which is a key asset for a whole host of things like collagen production, epidermal glow and anti-oxidation.

Now, let’s get to know these products together!

First of all, the most important basic thing you need to do for your skin is obviously to clean it well. Personally, I can’t imagine going to bed without removing my makeup, no matter how tired I am, otherwise it would be like slathering paint on your body and then going to bed without washing: unthinkable. Anyway, I know that if I don’t do it, the next day I can expect a very uncomfortable awakening, like sticky eyes and itchy skin. So, no thank you, a cotton ball or a jet of water and that’s it, no more thinking about it.

As water is often very hard, and it is not exactly reasonable or possible to wash your face with Evian, let alone Chateldon (unless you are Marie-Antoinette), Obagi Pure cleansing gel will be a good choice because it contains aloe vera juice, which is very gentle for the skin (by the way, don’t hesitate to make natural masks with aloe if you can). And since it is also enriched with vitamin C, it will already prepare your skin for the next step


Then there is the toner. In France, we haven’t been using it for so long, and yet it has quickly become indispensable (at least for me), why is that? First of all, because it completes the cleansing process, and when I look at the dirty color of my cotton pad after application, I’m quite happy that this material is no longer on my face. Second, because it moisturizes the skin and puts it in optimal condition to receive the benefits of the serum or cream. Basically, it’s like the preparation painters apply to a surface before painting it. It seems that the toner even rebalances the PH of the epidermis after the aggression of the make-up removal, but don’t count on me to explain how, I did a Bac L option plastic arts…

In terms of toners, there are two options: some have a rather gel-like texture and will be more focused on moisturizing, others will be drier, quite concentrated in alcohol and focused on cleansing. The Obagi-C® Fx C toner, on the other hand, does a bit of both, since on the one hand it purifies, without containing alcohol though, which is a big plus, and on the other hand it prepares for hydration, again thanks to the properties of aloe vera.

Let’s move on to vitamin C, the number one secret for radiant skin! What is it used for? You are not unaware of the famous message on television: for your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Otherwise you will get scurvy, and yes, this disease that threatens the monomaniacs of French fries and pizza, in deficiency of ascorbic acid (it’s the same thing as vitamin C, because well, we have to vary the synonyms), and that will eventually make them look like Eric Zemmour (I’m joking but it’s not funny at all in reality, since scurvy affects mostly the poor and the poorest people…) Well, vitamin C for the skin is about the same benefits as for the vitality of our body: it is antioxidant, it is revitalizing, it is purifying!

And since I don’t want to tell you anything, I did some research, compared the sources and came to the following conclusions: it is better to use vitamin C in the morning, as a breakfast for the skin, and besides, no one would have the idea to drink orange juice in the evening, you have to be careful to couple it with a sunscreen because it is photosensitive (but I will come back to this below), and this is also why you should keep your serum/cream in a dark place.

Better than the cream, the serum is for me the best product to choose for a vitamin C treatment, because it will be very concentrated in active ingredients. The Professional C serum from the Obagi-C® Fx System range contains 15% L-ascorbic acid, which is one of the highest concentrations on the market (there is another one at 20%, for those who aren’t afraid). I’ve been using it for a week now and I’m very happy with it!

I prefer to warn you though, as vitamin C has a fruit PH, so it’s a bit acidic, and can tingle after application.

Obagi-C® Fx System has also released a high quality Microdermabrasion Mask that I have been using for the past few years.

It has a high concentration of Vitamin C, at more than 30%. It is a guaranteed radiance boost for the skin. I use it once a week to eliminate impurities and excess.

I remember one day a friend came to my house and said, “Louise, I have the most amazing news! This morning a customer came into the store, she was 80 years old and looked 50, I asked her what her secret was, and guess what she said?

-sunblock ” I cut, phlegmatic.

And yes, why do you think Japanese and Korean women have such great skin, genetics aside? They scrupulously use their sunscreen, and in fact most cosmetic products sold in Asia contain SPF, even lipsticks, that’s saying something!

Recently, in my Reels suggestions on Instagram, I saw a video of a user showing a shocked look, and whose caption said “people who wear retinol but no sunscreen, are you crazy???”. She’s right because, if you ask me, sunscreen is the most important product in your beauty routine, and if you had to choose just one, I’d recommend this one (and a little night cream, too, because hey). You don’t need to be an expert to know the irreparable damage that UVB and UVA rays do to our skin, and which are largely responsible for the signs of skin aging: wrinkles, brown spots, hyperpigmentation…So why take the time to put on anti-aging creams if it’s to deny the most basic preventive care: sunscreen, preferably a total screen, with anti-UVB and UVA protection if you’re a pro. Especially since products containing Retinol or fruit acids such as vitamin C can weaken the skin if it is then exposed to the sun, so it is imperative to use them with a sunscreen, otherwise it’s useless to see it damages.

That’s why the sun cream is an essential part of the Obagi-C® Fx System Antioxidant pack, along with a day cream to keep the skin well moisturized throughout the day!

(Be sure to clean your face at night, as the sunscreens in the creams are quite strong).


From Paris with Love,


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